Pizza Ovens Gusto

  • Complete stainless steel body
  • Low power consumption and product-focused system provides uniform cooking
  • LCD touch screen for easy use
  • 1 min. and 60 min. cooking time internal
  • Fast and efficient with recovery time
  • Low energy consumption

Technical Specification

Code Description Bant Sizes Cooking Chamber Sizes Power Average Pieces per Hour Weight (Kg)
DYK-1535G Conveyor Pizza Oven NG 535 mm 580x950x160 mm 21 KW 57 pizza/hour (Q250 gr. Q300cm) 174 Kg
DYK-1610G Conveyor Pizza Oven NG 610 mm 660x950x160 mm 23 KW 90 pizza/hour (Q250 gr. Q300cm) 198 Kg
DYK-1730G Conveyor Pizza Oven NG 730 mm 780x1100x160 mm 25 KW 115 pizza/hour(Q250 gr. Q300cm) 222 Kg
DYK-1810G Conveyor Pizza Oven NG 810 mm 860x1100x160 mm 27 KW 135 pizza/hour (Q250 gr. Q300cm) 246 Kg
DYK-1535A Conveyor Pizza Oven Bottom Stand         50 Kg
DYK-1610A Conveyor Pizza Oven Bottom Stand         55 Kg
DYK-1730A Conveyor Pizza Oven Bottom Stand         60 Kg
DYK-1810A Conveyor Pizza Oven Bottom Stand         65 Kg

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